About Sri Aariya Bhavan

Sri Aariya Bhavan Sweets and Snacks was established in the year 2007 By Mr .N.Parthasarathi with expertise in the field for more than 20 years.

Our sweets and savouries are produced using the best quality ingredients by traditional techniques passed on from age to age to guarantee you get the most authentic taste.

The solid Utilization of premium quality ingredients guarantees each significant piece is genuinely a pleasurable and paramount experience. Our variety of sweets incorporates Milk sweets ,Pure Ghee Sweets , Special Dry Fruit Sweets , Bengali sweets , Assortment of Halwas and that's just the

Our Food Menu

What our Customer says

"One of my favourites. No frills stores dependent only on quality and service. Savouries and Sweets are great."

"Vegetarians of ayapakkam can choose Arya Bhavan. Very clean place and hygiene too. A place for evening bits especially panni poori, sandwiches, samosazzzzzz..."

"Good place for Snacks."

"Quality Sweets and Snacks. A shop to trust in quality."

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